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    Originally Posted by Takumi Fujiwara
    I'll kill you. You _______ _______. You are a little whiny poser. BTW, Learn how to spell you little _______ 10 year old. You are so _______ stupid. You probably know nothing about rock. Your favorite band is probably G-Unit. For little _____ wanna be ganagstaz. Or if you do listen to rock, you probably listen to some suckie band like Matchbox 20. Which isin't even rock. Or that loser, Britnay Spears, who is your _______ mom and your sister! Stupid little kids. They are such smart-_____ these days. No go and listen to your _____ Rock.

    Hey, Jedi, wanna get married?
    That was going just a little too far... Even thought Hedz did say GC sucks, you probably used one too many bad words in there.

    And yes, this thread should be locked.

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