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    Originally Posted by Ice Dragon
    Crystal Mew has an admirer!You have, above me is "lover boy" HAHAHA! He needs a pair! Hes getting lonely, hes getting lonely.
    yo STFU dude, your getting on my last nerves

    Originally Posted by crystal_mew
    Woo...more members. Welcome to the club. BD Eheh. I think it'd be a good idea if you put up a members list on the intro post, Sceptiles Master.

    Claire!~ *tacklehug* Nyaha. Yes, we have known each other for quite a while. Just not at the Forums. xD *coughOekakiBoardcough*

    o0; Don't make me kick you, Ice answer your question: J-pop. Other then that, My Chemical Romance and Greenday. <3
    and cool but i hate greenday
    If you have time post in my club here