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    I thought it up in maths so don't have a go at me 'cause it's not the most advanced game in the world!

    It's called (wait for it) ...... astro-turf man!! (I know crappy name but at least it's simple)

    In the game you play as a man who who lays astro-turf for a living. you have to protect your land and your job by getting rid of the schools vandals and building the best all weather pitch the world has ever seen!!

    the objective is to lay as many tiles of astro-turf in the given time but you can only walk on the astro-turf you've layed (or you'd ruin the tar on the floor!!) It's a combonation of bomber man and pacman as when the time limit is up a bunch of chavs come rushing onto the pitch and try to destroy your astro-turf tiles by trampling on them so they have to be re-layed! but you can get rid of these pesky chavs by throwing your tiles on their heads (which destroys them).

    In the levels you can get a load of power ups to help you lay like Coffee (makes you super fast for certain amount of time), fake tiles (so the cavs destroy them instead of your preasous all weather stuff!) and so on.....!!

    By completing each job you get dosh (the green which can be redeemed at your all weather flooring company supplier for power ups to start off with on the next job (level) you can get stuff like Chevlon vests so you can't get knifed by those chavs cement slabs that can't be destroyed as easily as your normal astro-turf and I'm not shore if I'll make it able to get a gun or not.

    I know it's crap but please all idears would be a great help!