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    Sorry if I cause twoubles for everyone. I'm not used to full-on-full fighting.

    Dactylus, I am sorry for doing this to you. You can stay, I shall leave. Besides, you were there before me, and I see no reason for you to leave.

    At least you're not sending me hate mail as someone else does (and continues to and hates every character I create in every RP I happen to be in with her), so go ahead and enjoy this RP, I'll be leaving.

    At least you handled the situation with grace, and not go bursting out in flames (pardon the pun) as I did when someone powerplayed one of my characters. (If she reads this, I'll probably recieve more hate mail <_<). So, I am sorry. You can continuing RPing, I don't want to RP in a place that makes me feel inferior anyway. My writing can never match your's, so you deserve to stay.

    And I won't.

    Sorry once again, and I won't post anymore in the thread. I don't want to be known by any of you as an annoying little girl who wants her character to be ultra-strong, I just didn't want Yaela to die, for then I won't have any character to RP.

    Don't go blaming yourself, either, Alter Ego. It isn't your fault, anyway. Don't feel down because of the actions I caused.

    Good Bye everyone, I enjoyed RPing with you for a short amount of time.