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    ((Ok, sorry for the long wait. I'v been in a stuck point in my story. I wasn't sure about where I wanted to go with it, but I got a good idea. ))

    Chapter 2

    The Start of a New
    Silence. Its all Chris wanted. And suprizingly, he got it. After that night, after he saw, him, Chris hasn't have any dreams. Its been 4 months, and graduation is only a few weeks away. Classes have been weird. Well, not weird, good really. After that night, He desided to try and learn all he could about psychic pokemon. There are 32 recorded different pokemon from all over the world. Most, feel off human emotion. Most are VERY human like. Like Mr. Mime. The very first psychic pokemon Chris ever met. Chris learned that it connected with him because Mr Mime KNEW that it made him nervous around Mr Mime. So, He tried to make Chris happy by playing with him.


    He also learn more of the fundamentals of training pokemon, rather than just fighting and evolving. Working hard with your pokemon and training them to help them learn new and different style of moves. Chris has come to find out that he enjoys working with normal types of pokemon. He got a chance to use a Slakoth. Though, very slow, he very much ejoyed the loss. It may be rare for Chris to think a pokemon 'cute' but Slakoth is one of them to him.

    Chris still day dreamed of abras though. He couldn't understand why or what happened. He always felt like he was being watched after that as well. The first few days after that finnal dream, he found himself looking in the bushes outside his window everyday, hoping to find something, anything. But everyday, it was the same thing. Nothing.

    But he doesn't think about that now. He knows what pokemon he will request at graduation. The top 20 kids in his school get to choose from a list from which they used and practiced on all of their final year. He knew it would be a long shot, but he wanted to get that slakoth he used. It was a male, and knew only few moves, but he was going to try and request it, IF he makes it in the top twenty. He wasn't very scared about that though. He's always been a great student, though, looked like a worthless punk
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