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Yes, yes, I know I don't seem to have any real problems those who have RPed with me probably don't consider me to be a newbie, but I feel that I can become a better roleplayer through a little tutoring (and learn how to play males better, since I stink at that), so I am putting myself up for adoption.

Name you want to be called: It doesn't matter to me: Sailor Chibi Lunatone, SCL, Luna, Chibi, Lunatone, whatever.
Age: 16
Likes: Pokemon, anime, video games, Star Wars, Sci-Fi, Chess, Dungeons and Dragons, writing, reading, singing, roleplaying, and other geeky things.
Dislikes: Mean, ignorant people, people who insult newbies that don't deserve it.
What type of Adopter I want: I'll take anyone, but preferably a female with some experience with roleplaying as a male.
Length of time I've been Rping: About two years, give or take a couple of months.
My family: AngelBypass (Sister) Torkoal90 (Cousin) Sailor Moon (Older Daughter) Horsegirl11 (Younger Daughter), GodOfPH (Twin Brother)

Thank you to Kay11190 for the Trainer card.