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    im makeing a game called pokemon online battles theres a thread from the other day up but I wanted to make thread to ask what pokemon i should have for the six starting pokemon im gonna have to choose from. heres my list but i need to know if this is good cus i only want to use the coolest of the low level pokemon and i want to keep in mind that everyone in the game will have atleast one of these pokemon so thay cant be too rare...
    heres my list tell me what you think...

    keep in mind im only useing pokemon 1-151 for my first game
    1 Charmander
    2 Buldasaur
    3 Squrtile
    4 machop
    5 abra
    6 geodude

    if anyone has any better ideas id love to here them cus other then the first three i really have no clue what ppl want to start with other then pikachu and i dont really like pikachu at all...