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    You whould have to be a fool to think i whould just give you the code
    to a working online rpg of this type. sorry to put it that way but if the code leaks outn into the public it makes life easyer for hackers.

    Plz stop bad mouthing VB i know C/C++ is better for what im doing i even know how it use them. I choose VB becasue im realy fast with it. there will be know 3d world so I dont need anything above winsock. Im making this game so i have good stuff in my portfolio so when i go to get a job as a software devloper i can show how i took VB6 to the limit.

    About attacks:
    I dont plan on haveing crazy attacks like in the game. Over powerd attacks the everypokemon cant learn takes the tactics out of battling. I dont want a game ware everyone raise a lvl100 charzards and burns everything like ppl do in the gameboy games so offten. all pokemon will be amung the best at something. that away ppl use cool pokemon like: Beedrill and armbok. I cant stand to see everyone with mew and mewtow in ther party cus there the strongest.I hate the stores behind pokemon but i love the battleing and reaising of pokemon and thats the focus of my game.