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    Yer, I was wondering how to make bills pc in Rpgmaker Xp.

    Thanks Jaki,
    Pokemon Diamond: Chronicels Of Time And Space

    One day your mum tells you that Professer Ark wants to see you in his lab. On the way there you encounter a Pokemon in the forest, It tells you that it has waited 1000 years for you and to follow it in to the cave, the pokemon (Jirachi) uses a spell to open a screet chamber that goes even deeper in to the ground called the shrine. There is a Sign and a stone next to it, Jirachi tells you that the forerunners of Rilko town made two stones the Time Stone and the Space Stone to conceal the energery of a secret power that could ripe out the universe, There stones were put in two far places At Azereth Mountain and Here, The Forerunners protect the Space Stone and I protect the Time Stone, I was put to sleep only to wake up when one of the Stones were taken and the Time Stone still which means that some has take the Space Stone, But how,the Forerunners would of never let any one take it, We must get to Mt. Azereth before its to late, If the two stones meet the fate of the universe will be put to the test!