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Originally Posted by Randall-Kun
Outskate the reason if you paided ANY bit of attention you would see that I said I MAKE MISTAKES!!!! ALL I TRY TO DO THE BEST I CAN AND WHEN I MESS UP TELL ME!! MORON!
I am sure I have been accepted..Strider had me revise something and I did so I am sureI have been accepted!!
Guys, that was sad. If you think its that inportant to be that good, Randall, then just keep quiet about it. Outskate, you shouldnt have said anything. If it bugged you THAT much, fight in your PM's so it wont count as posts.

Randall, one more thing, you said Moron, and thats an offence to Outskate. And as far as Im concerned, you shouldnt adopt, you need to be adopted, you really are not that good of an RP'er. I dont want to continue that fight though...
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