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    I started making this game a while ago, and I kind of stoped because I couldnt get a CBS, but Im going to start it again, if anyone wants to help with the CBS please let me know.

    Most of this artwork is done by Sadfurret, and the rest is riped from the 8th movie.

    New types in the game are.


    Heres a list of pokemon.

    01. Artica - ICE/FLYING (Pre-evolves from articono) (done)
    4. Characole - FIRE/DRAGON (Evolves from Charizard)
    1. Chonrup FIRE (done)
    2. Chanroko FIRE
    3. Chakorlord FIRE
    1. Elastan CYBER
    1. Focos SOLAR
    2. Focoics SOLAR
    1. Gargoshion - DRAGON/PHYSIC
    1. Groler WATER (done )
    2. Grakorlin - WATER (Done)
    3. Grakinord - WATER
    1. Holwin - CYBER
    2. Holloshin - CYBER
    ?. Joltelleion- ????
    1. Logbert - GRASS/WATER (done)
    ?.Rolkold - steel/ground (Done)
    1. Sol - SPACE
    2. Solker - SPACE
    2. Solarion - SOLAR (Evoles from evee)
    1. Valern - GRASS ( done )
    2. Vasor - GRASS
    3. Vaslinord - GRASS
    ?. Zazuzees - GRASS

    Pokemon from the 8th movie.

    Manene(Pre evoles from Mr. Mime)
    Manyula(evovles from sensial)
    Munchlax(Baby form of Snorelax)
    Usohachi(Baby form of Sodowoodo)
    Rukario(A legendary I guess)

    Cities that will be in the Region

    1. Zasper Town (done)
    2. Windel Town (Semi Done)
    3. Solken City ( First Gym )
    4. Zelp Town (Second Gym)
    5. Malran City (Thrid Gym)
    6. Cornel City (Forth Gym)
    7. Mishin City (Fith Gym)
    8. Welvin City (Sixth Gym)
    9. Finel Town (Seventh Gym)
    VICTORY ROAD (not a town, or a cave, an actual road)
    10. Gelino City (Eighth Gym)
    11. Saken Paltue (Pokemon Legue)

    Here is the pokedex info for Rolkold.

    The Golden Tank Pokemon
    Weight - 2 tons
    Size - on all fours it is about 10 feet tall, and about 7 feet long, and bout 7 feet wide
    Information -
    Often reffered to as The golden tank, this pokemon has been know to climb rocky terain till it got to steep, then it would cause avalanches of bolders. While burried in boulders that they caused to fall on them it would proceed to devour the boulders, taking the minarals out and coveting it to gold(which would start to grow under a thin layer of steel). The reason why this pokemon is on the verge of exteinction, is becouse they are hunted by humans for there gold armor.

    Finaly some screenies, and groller I'll post more things soon. Construtive Critisim please.
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