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    Originally Posted by asher_son_of_ash
    Hey, why is Gyarados there? Gyarados isn't on the list...><; Ahh...well...=takes out Psyduck=
    Oh, well Gyarados is one of Misty's pokemon, i guess Tatt just forgot to add it to the list. ;

    Anyhow, i almost cried when i discovered Misty was leaving, she's my favourite character and she'd been in the series for such a long time. To take her out just like that and use the excuse of her sisters winning a world trip, was quite unexpected yet to me it seemed a little silly. I've still never seen "Gotta Catch ya Later!" which really annoys me, as i've heard all about the little song apparently sung by Misty near the end of the episode.
    Bringing Misty back for just two episodes and giving her a new outfit, seemed strange to me and even more heartbreaking when she ended up leaving Togetic behind (It was one of my favourites). But then again, who's to be certain that she won't come back, i don't believe all that 'Her place is at the Gym' rubbish. Her loyal fans believe she will make yet another return and so do i, she's too much of an important character to be left behind...
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