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1)Type of game: Pokmon Diamond/Crystal is a Pokemon rpg project(made with rmxp)I am currently working on. When finished, I intend it to be a well rounded game and a game that pleases all Pokmon fans. The game will take place in the previous regions, Kanto, Johto and Hoenn plus a whole new one called Hyrou. Throughout this the hero will embark on a whole new journey that will test his skills and bring forth great potential.

2)Example: Here are some screenshots. Enjoy!

Story:For nearly fifty years a highly secret organization, funded by the remaining members of Team Aqua, has been scientifically testing genetics. Through trial and error they were able to manipulate genetics to where they could multiply a Pokmon's metabolic rate largely, thus making it extremely stronger. This underground team managed to keep the tests under their control until one day a new recruit accidently made a minor error in calculations. This mistake proved fatal for the scientists and the experiment called Nocton was let loose. This new Pokmon was not an entity to be messed with. It caused much destruction on the Orange Islands and no one knew were it was headed next.

But there is one solution to the problem. According to an ancient scripture in the Ruins of Alph every thousand years a great legendary Pokmon called Amphious is released to bring peace where there is havoc in the world. One problem though. It has only been five hundred years. But there is one way to set this legendary Pokmon free. According to legend the Diamond of Hope is hidden in the region of Hyrou. If you manage to find the Diamond of Hope you can place it in a sacred slot in the Ruins of Alph causing Amphious to be released. Since you just happen to be the hero of Pokmon Diamond/Crystal you are given the sole task of finding the Diamond of Hope thus saving the world.

3)Specialty: Mapping

4)Date I started project: October 7, 2005

5)I am looking for a partner for Pokemon Diamond/Crystal who can script in rmxp.