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Originally Posted by rm2kdev
JT dont use rmxp i garuentee you your game will not go anywhere -,-
and your making a big misteak using an automated game generator.

as for hacking games... thats easy if the game is not well protected enough
a, i a vb programer can make a proxy between the client and the server log the packets and changed them as they come in and go out

or b hecould just hack your computer and change the files lol

then there are many exploits like moving really fast then alt tabbing out of the window can sometimes confuse a program and let you past the collision's
RMXP is quite good at making online games, just get the script, follow the instructions on the site and there you have an online game, the only problem is that after about 10 people connect to the game it's starts lagging, so I see what you mean.

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