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    Originally Posted by TheAbsol
    No don't use that because in the long run you'll wish you never wasted time on that and wish you actually learned to program.
    what do you mean it takes long to run!?

    it just takes a few seconds!
    Ive been using Rpgmaker for years it, its easy

    -RPGMAKER- if your wnan make a good game and dont know how to code and cant be stuffed learning it( Im making a very good game with it -Pokemon Illsuion-)

    -SPHERE- If you want to make a oraginal game, more Flexible , not this will take time and coding you'll have to learn..But its easier than pure coding

    -PURE CODING- If you want to make a very flexable game use this but ti is te hardest of the lot!!!

    hope that helps
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