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Okay, to save room on the forums, I'm making everything on one thread.
Current Project:
Originally Posted by Cursed
Pokemon: Pure Gold & Raw Silver
New Features:
Shadow Pokemon
Alliances between Cipher, Tr, Snagem, Magma, and Aqua
New locations
If I figure out enough programming, a trading system and mystery gift system
Whirl Islands suffered a tsunami, so you need Dive to get through
Tin tower collapsed, so you need strength to get through.
In-game clock
Tons of side-quests
Battle tower
New items

Johto has really changed since Hiro (from GSC) became League champion 4 years ago. New Pokemon have been discovered, teams like Cipher have supposedly broken up, and other things like that. You (the hero) have just received a trainer's liscense and are about ready to begin your Pokemon journey. You are going to deliver a package to Mr. Pokemon (Prof. Elm's friend from college) and pick up a "mesterious item" to give to Prof. Elm on your way home.
Shadowmastermarcus - Beta Tester (5 open slots)
- Coder (2 open slots)
Cursed - Mapper (0 open slots )
Cursed - Storyboard Supervisor (3 open slots)
- Spriter (9 open slots)

If you want to help, tell me what you want to do.


Viewing the Smoothie Shop from the outside

This is what replaced Prof. Elm's lab!?!

What are they doing here?

PM me if you have a suggestion.
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