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    ye, ur stealing Nintendo's idea, stealing their graphics, etc which is gonna get u in a lot of trouble. (and don't think cause ur under age 18 u'll be safe [also don't com bull me about being over 18 because if u assume u made ur own OS that can even run RPG Maker then u must not be over even 10 or I'll be angry at God for the rest of my life])

    Oh, and stop saying u work for the US division of nintendo, I'm sure they would be ashamed of having someone like u working for them *hides*

    Now, for the people that didn't know this, you can convert RM2000 and 2003 games to GBA, I dunno how but I saw a video with this guy showing the game running onhis GBA. If you're interested I could search for the link. (not sure if he explains how but I think he does according to a friend). Also, if u don't believe it don't come call me noob cause I also find it difficult if even impossible but ya never know :\
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