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By the way, yes I am Masato (or Vito).
And a fresh start will do well, wouldn't it? "Continue this story in any way you can!" was my original name for a chain story. Anyway, this is the... 7th?... chain story I made in my PC life (since November 29, 2002).

Chain Story: The Prolonged Secrets
Ash, May, Max and Brock continue their adventure through Hoenn. One secret, one day, and many others has unfolded in Ash's path to be the world's greatest trainer, and has one yet stopped him? Our heroes may may end up in some pretty tough adventure...
Ash: "So where are we heading Max?"
Max looks at his PokNav, then looks up at Ash's face.
Max: "Err... for some reason my nav isn't showing the direction we are..."
May, who was just looking straight, had turned her head towards Max in despair.
May: "WHAT?!? You mean we're lost?"
Brock: "C'mon, we've gotten lost so many times and yet we've always pulled through."
May: "Well I sometimes can't stand being lost. With my nice bike..."
Ash turns around and interrupts May.
Ash: "What? You'd not be following me if you had a bike. If you were, I'd like to see you 5 metres ahead of me!"
Brock sees something in the distance.
Brock: "A cave!"
In seconds, dark clouds start forming around the entire area.
Ash: "Oh great... rain."
Brock groaned.
Brock: "Quit your whining."
Max: "Hungry..."
May: "Tired..."
Ash: "Hungry..."
Brock groans. They decide to go set up their camp stuff and have rest while Brock cooks stew. The rain subsides, and Brock has finished the stew.
Ash: "Tasty."

Jessie, James and Meowth stand nearby, watching Ash and friends eat.
Jessie: "Oh I'm so hungry..."
James: "Me too."
Meowth: "Well I'm not! And as always in every episode, movie or fanfiction, we should get to stealing that Pikachu!"
Jessie: "But I'm hungry."
Meowth: "Why don't we just nab their food and their Pikachu?"
James: "Can't... think..."
Jessie: "Hungry... haven't eaten anything for at least a day..."
Meowth groans and begins slashing Jessie and James heads, angering them.
Jessie: "Why you little!"
James: "Can't you let us off you pea brained kitty?"

Ash: "That was delicious Brock!"
Brock smiled.
Brock: "Who's up for seconds? Thirds?"
A large smoke ball rolls into their camp spot.
Ash: "Oh no... I'm not falling for these again..."
Max: "The PokNav says that Team Rocket are nearby, just south in those bushes!"
Ash throws the smoke ball, but instead of south, he threw it north.
Max: "Umm... can't you look at my Navigator before you do something?"
May: "You know Ash... he can be..."
A large explosion fills the area.
Jessie: "To know we have smoke balls two!"
James: "And if they didn't work we'd have gone for goo!"
Jessie: "To protect the bad guys from twerps like you!"
James: "And with all our weapons this will be true!"
Jessie: "Jessie!"
James: "James!"
Meowth jumps in.
Meowth: "You skipped a bit!"
Jessie: "Hem hem... to... Prepare for trouble!"
James: "And make that double!"
Ash, May, Max and Brock stare blantantly.
Jessie: "To know we have smoke balls two!"
James: "And if they didn't work we'd have gone for goo!"
Jessie: "To protect the bad guys from twerps like you!"
James: "And with all our weapons this will be true!"
Jessie: "Jessie!"
James: "James!"
Jessie: "Team Rocket, giving weapons the go go go!"
James: "And... JESSIE I can't rhyme with that!"
Meowth comes in sighing.
Meowth: "You totally rightfully wrecked this motto, all right..."
Wobbuffet pops out.
Wobbuffet: "Wwwwww...ww...wwww....woooobbbbbufffettttt!"
Ash: "To think we need you."
Brock: "Just ignore them."
Ash gets up lazily.
Ash: "Pikachu... Thunderbolt..."
Pikachu does so, sending Jessie, James, Meowth and Wobbuffet sky high.
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasing off again!!!"

Ash: "Uh oh..."
Brock: "What?"
May: "Over... there..."
Max: "Another interdimension hole?"
Ash: "I see grim fate in the Pocket Monsters dimension! Run!!!"

Team Rocket Kanto Facilities Hideout
Giovanni: "So yet again Hoenn Team Rocket members have yet again witnessed Jessie and James fail, Laura?"
Laura: "Yes, but we've noticed something... more."
Giovanni: "What is it?"
Laura: "It looks like a time warp. When I look in it, I see some new areas and different areas of the Kanto region. But there's more..."
Giovanni: "What is it?"
Laura: "Remember Larousse City? When Team Rocket members were secretly around the city, Ash Ketchum has witnessed Pokmon such as Deoxys and Rayquaza. Deoxys has been located on an island that we've uniquely labeled Island 9. There's 9 islands around the outskirts of the Kanto region. I could use the portal to tour it, and I might have to see if I could get you into the portal to extend not only the present Team Rocket facilities, but the future facilities as well!"
Giovanni steps up from his chair.
Giovanni: "Well then, get Bisashu, the Iron Masked Marauder, and my 2 Altomare spies, Annie and Oakley. We're going for some new goals, and no one will be able to stop us!"
Laura: "Except for the fact Annie and Oakley..."
Giovanni: "Master thieves have their ways out. And I heard they escaped just recently?"
Laura: "To pilfer Lawrence the third's aircraft full of neat collections, worthless to us as of yet."
Giovanni: "Ah yes. Anyway, also gather the combat unit. Let's go..."
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