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Community Rules

Community Forum Posting Rules

These are the rules which have been decided upon by The PokéCommunity Staff in order to keep our forum a safe and happy place to post in.
Note the following links, which should help you around our forum.
FAQ - Here are Frequently Asked Questions. You should read here for questions before you decide to ask for help at Community Questions and Feedback.
General FAQ - Here, you can learn about basic functions around PC. This FAQ is updated regularly for most questions, if you need quick and easy answers.
Search - Often there are threads that don't go over the revival rule and people would make duplicate topics. Before making a topic, check the revival rule exceptions thread to see where you are posting doesn't have a thread of what you are going to post, and seek out the thread. If such a topic doesn't exist, or it goes over the specified revival period, then you may create a topic.
  • No spamming.
    Please do not make posts with little relevance to the current topic or that are devoid of content. Avoid repeating what other members say. Such may be deleted on sight. (SPAM is an acronym for "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages". Posts that clearly follow that are considered SPAM posts.)
  • Please avoid double posting.
    Unless this is done in the fanfiction areas, no one should double post (or any number higher than that, creating a consecutive amount of posts). Use the edit button if you think there is something you want to add to a post.
  • Please respect every member on the board.
    Do not flame, bash, insult, or act rude to any member of the board. Members are all entitled to their own opinions. If a person acts uncivil, uncouthful, uncooperatively, harrassingly, or intimidatingly to you, this does not give you an excuse to act the same as a gesture of retaliation.
  • Avoid the use of words offensive to other people in posts.
    Do not take a person's age, sex, sexuality, religion, race or color and use it in any derogatory manner. For example, using the word "gay" to strike at homosexual people is not permitted.
  • You cannot swear or censor bypass.
    You cannot try and make out a swear word in manners such as "sh!t", etc. Asterisking (*****ing) also counts as censor bypass.
  • Do not post any pornographic images.
    You may not link to sites or directly link to images containing pornography or any strongly offensive content, or include them in your posts. As doing such is heavily disregarded, members will be banned on sight if linking or embedding such images.
  • No linking to other forums in posts or private messages.
    You may not link to a forum in posts or PMs. If you wish to link to a forum, use your signature only. An exception is made when posting a link to a different forum as an example of something you think should be implemented on PC. These can only be made in the Community Questions and Feedback forum. Any members joining with only a few posts who PM forum links will be banned on the notion of joining just to SPAM forum links.
  • Posts are to meet the minimum of both 25 characters AND 4 words.
    All of your post must contain at least 25 characters and at least four words. There are no exceptions. Along with that, messages that contain characters in order to override this limit are not allowed and will be dealt with harshly.
  • Threads can only be revived within a month.
    A thread that has gone 30 days past (an approximate month) may not be posted in. If you wish to continue the topic, start a new thread. Exceptions can be made by the moderators of certain areas. Check the rules thread of some forums to see if they allow it, or ask a moderator if there are any threads exempt from the rule.
  • No linking to illegally tampered software.
    No linking to any ROMs, Warez, serial codes and cracks, or other software and filesharing programs. In purposes of ROMHacking, an alternative to ROMs is to provide IPS files instead - therefore the person who downloads the patch is required to find the actual ROM to play the hack themselves.
  • No asking about banned members.
    To protect the member's (or any banned member's) own privacy, the details of their banning are not made public. The details of the banning are between the banned user and the staff. Do not request friends to assist you in support for an unban or have such question your ban.
  • You are not allowed to register accounts to create an illusion of multiple members.
    Also known as "sock puppetry", you may not use another account to vote on a poll or back up an argument, mislead other members, or evade a ban. Evasion of a ban, in particular may, depending on the offenses a member commits, result in punishments such as the ban time being doubled and/or the timer reset.
Failure to abide by these rules may result in warnings or bannings.

Signature Rules

Signatures with no images -
If your sig contains no images...

You may have up to 25 lines of size 2 text
You may have up to 15 lines of size 3 text
You may have up to 10 lines of size 4 text
You may have up to 5 lines of size 5 text

You may not have anything larger than size 5 text in your signature.

Signatures with banners -
If your sig has a banner...

Sigs with banners of up to 100 X 100 To 300 X 100 pixels may have 15 lines of size 2 or 3 text, any other size may be up to 5 lines. No text bigger than size 5.

Sigs with banners between 200 X 300 To 500 X 300 pixes may have 10 lines of size 2 or 3 text, and 3 lines of anything bigger than size 3 text. No text bigger than size 5.