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Orre Region; Realgam Tower
Cipher Head Evice: "Did you really think you could stop our Shadow Pokemon plan? There is no way you can beat my ultimate Shadow Pokemon! Go Tyranitar!"
Evice sends out Tyranitar and a strange black ball is thrown in from the stands. The ball hits Tyranitar and catches it. Shadow enters from the stands.
Shadow: "Hehehe, the "ultimate" Shadow Pokemon caught in a Dark Ball. This should be useful..."
Evice: "Give that back!"
Shadow stares at him and Evice is lifted into the air and thrown off the arena.
Shadow: "Hehehe..."

Near the Orange Archipelago; Lawrence III's aircraft
Annie: "Well here is the main computer, I think..."
Oakley: "I wonder why Shadow wants the data from it."
Annie: "He said something about Articuno. Anyways we are getting a big reward for this so start let's start downloading it onto our laptop!"

Saffron City; Silph Co.
Keith opens a hole in the ceiling and comes down on a rope. Kent tries to come down on the rope but it breaks loose and he falls to the floor.
Keith: "Be quiet! If they hear us, they'll put the new Masterball under top security!"
Kent: "Well even if they do, Shadow said if we can't get the Masterball, then go and steal Sabrina's most powerful Pokemon."
Keith: "Well yeah, that's bound to be the easiest thing ever! Listen, Sabrina would kill us if she read our minds and found out we were trying to steal it for Shadow, so let's get that Masterball!"
Kent: "Right."

Hoenn Region; Lilycove City; Team Magma's Base
Maxie: "Our next goal is to steal an orb witht he power to wake the great Groudon! Tonight, we head for Mt. Pyre!"
Grunts: "Yeah!"
Maxie walks up to Fred.
Maxie: "I'm going to be busy trying to pinpoint Groudon's location so I need you to steal the orb."
Maxie walks away.
Fred: "Yes I'll steal it...for Shadow. Maxie and that twerp Ash are both blissfully unaware of our plan which even I don't know entirely. All I know is that Shadow wants the orb that can wake Groudon."

Hoenn Region; Cave
Ash: "I am blissfully unaware of any evil plans that may be brewing."
Max: "What?"
Ash: "Oh nothing."
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