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    ok, i have an idea for the OP world, the heartless and all that is

    heres my list of what the baddies will be:

    air pirate

    ~*NEW*~ heartless/des.
    (NOTE: all these heartless with cursed powers also have the weakness of not being able to swim)


    rubbers: take teh base of a pirate, get rid of the sword and make him able to stretch

    sliders: heartless with blades at the end of their hands, slide past to attack, basic shadow heartless look alike

    sliced: heartless that have a human-like shape, cannot be cut up


    code lyoko(if we go there):
    (NOTE: we will start in the real world, i.e. we will have to be virtuallised, meaning we will have to have data created for us, post lyoko data please, also, only way to destroy them is to atack Xahna symbol (oh, and you can imoblise them and drink their blood, just so you vamp characters know, just in case alcurd gets a little out of controll))


    scorpions: scorpion like creatures, have heartless symbol on back, but have Xahna's symbol for eye

    curler: armadillo monsters with unbreakable shells, imprinted with heartless symbol on shell and xahna symbol protected inside shell on stoumac, atacks with spikes on shell

    thats it, like?

    even though the thread died along time ago...I will continue on the memory of the "Arr, I Be A Pirate" RP! ARRR!


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