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    probably if you press enter if no name is entered, it probably means that there is no name to find, so It gets confused and closes, I have already said the pc doesn't work yet, and when you saw pokemon regal, I just didn't put it in the first few pics. as for the yes/no thing I have not upgraded to Blizzys new one, only taken elements from it. I do not know what you mean by speel, and I will fix the gamecube thing later (i'm not home). I will fix the aqua girl by tonight. the lvl up sound, as i said b4 was put in because I was in a mad rush to finish the demo so It would work without RTP. the next door stair thing... hmm... Thats strange, It worked b4...

    so this means that 1.6.2 will be up soon... thx for your help tdata, cursed, and silon!!