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Lawrence III's Aircraft - Top floor
Computer: "Intrusion Alert. Data files being copied."
Lawrence III: "Abort the data and send a virus to the hacker. Make the virus destroy any downloaded data and add a password which I type."
Lower floor
Oakley: "..... we have a problem..."
Annie: "What is it?"
Oakley: "It seems that the computer data has stopped downloading."
Annie turns around and looks at the screen.
Computer Alert: Virus detected. File destroyed by virus. Unrecoverable.
Annie: "Just access the database again!"
Oakley sighs and turns towards Annie.
Oakley: "Apparently there's a different password to the one Shadow told us..."
Annie drops her laptop and a bag full of Lawrence's collectables.
Annie: "Darn it! At least my computer is durable, but now there's broken glass."
Oakley: "Shall we leave?"
Annie: "Affirmative."
Team Rocket Main Facilities Center - Floor 2
Giovanni: "So most Team Rocket troops have gone in?"
Laura turns to the screen.
Laura: "Yes, but it appears that Shadow is there too..."
Giovanni dropped a goblet he was drinking out of.
Giovanni: "WHAT?!? They have gone there?!?"
Laura: "Who's they?"
Hoenn Region: Surplus Forest
Max: "I've detected our area. Surplus Forest."
May: "So anyway, should we check that portal?"
Brock (whispering to Ash): "Is that Domino?"

Domino: "Okay guys, move it!"
One of the combat unit members turned around.
Gaven: "What about the aircrafts?"
Domino: "Portable ones, in what I call a pod. A small PokBall-like device, only it holds devices. Part of Devon Corp. in Hoenn."
Laura: "You are as crafty as all seems."

Ash: "Yes it is. But I doubt she'll know us other than that little accident in Professor Oak's lab."
Team Rocket Main Facilities Center - Floor 2
Giovanni: "Shadow's best 2 people that is. Two betraying members. And I also found that Annie and Oakley don't just spy for us, but him..."
Laura: "Do something about it?"
Giovanni: "We'll see Laura, we'll see."
Surplus Forest
Mobile: Connection with Giovanni closed.
Laura: "Head in, all of you!"
All the Team Rocket member get in the portal.

Ash: "Team Rocket..."
Max: "Let's follow them!"
May: "Oh no Max, you stay with mom and dad."
Max: "But..."
Brock: "Let him off May, we've plenty of stuff to do anyway besides send Max home."
May: "Whatever.'
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