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Programming is not for everyone... Programming is a skill that takes time, Study, and devotion to aquire. Your not gonna be a programmer over night, and your not gonna have any fun trying to be a progremmer if you have no idea what your doing. If you tryed to learn java being the noob you are you whould get no self gradification from the simple hello world projects you whould be working on.
Java is not only to high level of a program language for a noob but its also not the best language. heres a simple hierarchy for game development...

simple programming hierarchy for game development:
Java/Java Script/perl/python/ruby
3D Game Studio/Visual Basic 6/ROM HACKING
Game Maker (with scripting) / RPGMakers (with scripting)
Game Maker (without scripting)
RPGMakers (without scripting) / Playstation RPG Maker

I Hope this helps you... My point is start at the bottom and work your way up.

P.S: I only put the basics into this hierarchy and I only put the stuff ive uesd... (so I dont wanna hear weak minded opinoins about it)