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Lawrence III's Aircraft - Top floor
Lawrence III: Release the security robots
Computer: They were all destroyed in the crash.
Lawrence III: Fine then, just boot them out somehow.

Bottom Floor

Annie: We better go now.
Oakley: Whats the rush?
Annie: ........

Team Rocket Main Facilities Center - Floor 2

*the goblet he was drinking out of landed on persian and made it angry*

Hoenn Region: Surplus Forest

Domino: and we're off

Ash: come on lets go
May: Too... hungry...
Max: We just ate!
May: SO! You little twirp

Altomare: Secret Garden
Beonca: I sense something is wrong.
*Latias starts flying in circles*
Beonca: Do you wanna go check what it is?
*latias nods and flys away*

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