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I get that feeling that when I start this type of plotted story I can't twist in too much action...

To my short bit to the story:


Ash: "Well... I just can't sit and wait for anything bad to happen. Time to go in that portal!"
May: "But..."
Brock: "Maybe it's time we left May behind."
Max indeed nodded, and May looked blatantly at Brock.
Ash: "C'mon Max, and you too Brock! And we can't leave May behind either."

A new world to be in
Ash and company fall down onto soft ground. They are in the city of Vermillion.
Ash: "Vermillion? But... Hoenn..."
Ash clenches his fists.
Brock: "There's Domino!"

Domino: "And I want you people to hurry with those supplies onto the boat! On the double!"
Executive: "Bah! On the double coots!"
Domino looks at the Executive.
Domino: "This may work out after all. Boat to Mystery Islands, and we then raid!"
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