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Orange Archipelago; Fire Island
A Blizzard covers the Island in snow and ice, angering Moltres, who flies out and melts some of it with Flamethrower and then flies to Ice Island to meet Articuno once again.
Shadow: "They taught you a variety of moves, Tyranitar. Some of which are perfect for tricking Moltres into thinking Articuno wants to take over its territory."
Shadow withdraws Tyranitar.
Shadow: "At least we found out how territorial these birds were before Lawrence tried to infect your laptop."
Annie: "Yeah. And why was that Tyranitar so mad?"
Shadow: "It's a Dark Shadow Pokemon. It is pure evil and its heart is sealed off to the world. It isn't afraid to attack people, hehehe..."
Annie: "Why are we even here if all you want is Articuno?"
Shadow pulls out his laptop and selects a movie which starts a holographic demonstration. On it, Moltres flies to Ice Island and attacks Articuno, defeating it. Annie and Oakley then capture Articuno and the forces of nature are upset bringing Lugia to the surface which Shadow attacks with Tyranitar and catches. Latias and Latios come because they fear Altomare will bwe one of the first one to be destroyed due to being an island. Lugia and Articuno attack Latios and Shadow catches it. The simulation then ends.
Shadow: "And that is only part one..."
Oakley: "Won't this plan cause lots of natural disasters?"
Shadow: "That is one half of the plan, the other half is to make an unbeatable team."

Kanto; Pallet Town
Prof. Oak: "This tea sure is nice Mrs. Ketchum."
Daelia: "Thanks. Mimey convinced me to add lots of sugar."
Mimey: "Mr. Mime!"
News Reporter: "We interrupt this regularly scheduled program for a special report! It seems that the legendary bird Moltres is attacking Articuno for some unknown reasons. Researchers fear that the effects on nature could be disasterous. In other news, the head of the criminal syndicate in the Orre region was put under arrest after some stranger, claiming to be a member of Team Rocket, stole his Shadow Pokemon Tyranitar. Authorities are searching for this Team Rocket member as the Tyranitar is very dangerous. More breaking news, it seems that suspicious activity in Vermilion City has been blamed for a mysterious portal there depositing 3 boys, a girl, and a Pikachu. Vermilion police are investigating and we will bring you any further developments."
Prof. Oak: "3 boys, a girl, and a Pikachu."
Daelia: "My boy is back in Kanto!"
Mimey: "Mime!"
Prof. Oak: "Now, it may just be a coincidence. Speaking of Vermilion, I was invited to a special meeting of the Pokemon Fan Club there tomorrow."
Daelia: "Can Mimey and me go as well just in case it is my Ash?"
Prof. Oak: "Sure, why not?"
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