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This tutorial is for fakers that have some problems at placing the evolution icon. It's designed for Photoshop (version 6 up, I believe), but I'm very sure it also works on Paint Shop Pro...

For it you'll need a Pic, a Stage 1 or 2 blank and the Evo Icons, d'uh!

First, select this tool, the Eliptical Marquee

Second, make an elipse around the evo icon placer, with a good leap (sp?)!

Third, go to Layer > New > Layer From Background

Fourth, with the Square/Rectangle Marquee Tool, on Layer 0 (the one that was your Background), take the white part where is suppose to place the pic!

Fifth, deselect, it will make things easer, I assure you!

Sixth, place the Evo Icon, above the Layer 1.

Seventh, zoom at 500% and select the Eliptical Marquee. Make a rigorous circle. Inverse the selection.

You will end with some thing like this, but using the details you prefer (pic, blank, evo icon, d'uh!).

Using that as a beginning you can make better Stage 1 or 2 Pokmon cards!

Hope you like it and use it!