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A new journey through Rijon awaits a new trainer…
Authors: Coolboyman (Project Creator), Kent Colton Rogers (Project Designer)

I've recreated the thread since the other one was getting rather… old. You can refer to it here.

RijonAdventures is a FireRed Hack. Explore the region of Rijon and embark on a quest, 20 years since the events of Pokémon Brown.

Pokémon Brown - original game.
Pokémon Bronze - 5 years since Brown.
RijonAdventures - 15 years since Bronze, 20 years since Brown.

Journal: Player (Lloyd or Anne)
Tomorrow, I turn 10. That's the age my dad went on his Pokémon journey - beating our neighbor and becoming the champion, almost 20 years from now. I hope I reach that journey someday, touring the dangerous and adventurous region of Rijon…

How things change in 20 years…

Seashore City reshaping

Route 55 and climate changes.

Gravel Town… rockier than ever.

In front of the Gravel Mart.

Merson Cave, extended pathways.

And a new structure.

Version -
November 2006 Alpha Refresh (Alpha).
Format - IPS Patch File.
Requirements - A Pokémon FireRed (U) ROM, VisualBoyAdvance 1.6 or later for patching (normal patching tends not to work).

This is the latest alpha! It goes up to Moraga Town, but enjoy the changes made if you've already played the previous alpha - there's a lot of changes made!

To report bugs, or any other oddities, quote the beta number along with the odd thing.
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