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    Originally Posted by Shelz4U
    Well on "Pokemon 2000" Misty shows feelings towards Ash.Especially when she says this to Melody:

    "No! I will help Ash.Afterall he is never really alone.Because he has me"
    now let's not even get to that one... almost any site that goes against pokeshippy talks about this famous quote. It's a dub error... if you're referring to quote use the japanese one. However, the one about marriage and the one with Rudy are true in all languages... x_x

    the marriage one tells us that Kasumi likes SOMEONE. She has a crush on someone, and most ppl point the head of the knife to Satoshi. Well someone doesn't equal to Satoshi you know... can even be gymshippy Takeshi, or just about anyone else in the world... we only know she likes someone.
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