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Originally Posted by pokerob
Im sorry about this guys but i doubt there will ever be a successful pokemon game released as a full version and we will be playing that as shown at this specific site.
There are alot of sites where people post their homebrewed games, then end up discontinuing it. Your point being?

Originally Posted by pokerob
I watched Tvsian create Netbattle in 1999 and it took him at least a year to get red & Blue working on it.
This is not NetBattle.

Originally Posted by pokerob
What id like to see is not demos no betas but the full game.
If anyone does that ill officialy stop posting here and i still doubt ill be doing that unles bannned.
This is a Game Development forum, with emphasis on Development.

There's nothing wrong with creating threads that do not revolve around a game, as long as it does relate to the topic of Game Development.
And sadly, this thread is prone to flaming wars.