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    1. there's an option on the menu for you to import tilesets, I think it's called resource manager or something like that.

    2. That should be asked on the Pokemon Illusion thread.

    3. That's probably the reason why you can't play Pokemon Illusion, you need RPG Maker 2003 and the RTP, you can download them both here:

    and please next time you have questions post them on the Help/Request Thread. Only create new threads if the thread is about a game you're making (in which you need a detailed plot and 2 screenshots of the game) or if it has something to do with Game Development but it's not asking for stuff, for example a "Game Plot Discussion" thread would be fine but a "How do I open game blabla on RPG Maker XP?" thread is not because there is an appropriate place to ask for that.
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