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    Time for yet another eye burning poem

    What is my reward for spending my life with you?
    A life of pain and disgrace,
    of hate for you and myself,
    a growing desire for the end with a tear...

    What is my reward for spending a year with you?
    A love once pure and simple,
    darkening and rotting with each passing week,
    a wish for the love that once was...

    What is my reward for spending a month with you?
    Four endless weekends of yelling and shouting,
    five days between that never seem to end,
    a yearning for closeness and eternal warmth.

    What is my reward for spending a night with you?
    A love, a passion, an eternal bind growing strong,
    feelings of joy and happiness making us blind,
    my one and only wish,
    for this bliss to last forever...though my wish goes unanswered...

    But through all the times we spent together,
    from a passionate night to a meager month,
    from an endless year, to one final tear...
    I have not a single regret,
    I know my one reward...
    My Poetry Thread...Should you get bored XD

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