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On a sad, sad forum, there existed a momentous number of foolhardy role players, of which only three or four had any talent to speak of. They began an rpg known as the Twelve Pendants, in which characters signed up for receiving a "good" pendant (transforms user into an animal or gives elemental power) or a "bad" one (various effects) from the faeries. Bored as I was, and trying to please my newfound friend there, I promptly joined.

I came back a week later to make my first post (I had been on vacation) and saw that I was the only antagonist, meaning everyone else had selected a good pendant. Now, let's begin the tale.

I had chosen the dragon pendant, and only antagonists (eg, me) and the main character (creator) BEGAN with their amulets. The others had to receive them from faeries. Wonderfully enough, for me, all the characters had gathered into one room to have their magic bestowed upon them, when my character (after a solid post consisting only of traveling) appeared. He was a clever one, you see, and barged in with a gun and a fake I.D classifying him as an authority figure. Somehow, they escaped that plan, so I went on to bigger things.

I became a dragon.

Note that this was using the legit powers I had. My character (Jake, I believe) ripped the roof to shreds merely by morphing, so titanic was he. I figured it would be fun if I could steal all the pendants and flee to create a new plot, where they chased me; in the process, I took pity on the others and refrained form killing any character, only knocking aside those that stood in my way. Everything was fine.

Then the creator summoned an army of fairies to transport me to a random island on the ocean, hundreds of miles away. Also, my magic couldnt be activated for an hour or so.

I took it in stride, though, and my brother joined up at my request as another "bad guy", with the power to cover his body in a sheet of metal (think Colossus from X-Men). We pilfered a town after I shed some chaos with flame, and then returned to those foolish children. Here, the fun truly began.

My brother busted in and dropped several of the kids with an automatic rifle (I believe he purposefully missed vital points, only to not get kicked out), and then backed out as I crashed into the room, magnificent in my draconic state. It was really quite hilarious. They did some maneuver to stop my from flying (entrapping my wings or some such thing) before I bowled them over and let loose a rolling wave of inferno.

Oh, my sibling and I laughed so when the fire controller kid declared victoriously that he could control fire and so he made my flames go back at me (which, of course, couldn't harm a fire dragon, but it served to defeat one weapon in my arsenal). Still chuckling, my bro shot the idiot (again, keeping him alive).

At this point, anarchy broke out as the entire forum - even those not in the rpg - ganged up on us for that as well as being generally "mean on the boards". What they meant by that is that he and I refused to always agree with everyone else and also did not bow to the mods. Oh, and they booted us out of the rpg. Their excuse? Good guys are supposed to win. What utter stupidity.

I could go on about the war that raged on between us and them over the next week or two before we were banned (smirking all the while), but it would be unrelated to the thread.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "Final Fantasy Life 2", the most retarded bunch of role players to ever exist. Looking back now, it amuses me to think that we got banned for using the powers we were given simply because we were using the powers given to us by the creator effectively. Oh well.