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    Well i wouldn't set all those varibles in a common event anyway ...
    because they will vary for each po0kemon, there set when there caught, and ummmmmmmmm, when you start the game and choose your pokrmon you'd set um for that one pokemon.

    as for the setting up of the varibles... they looked right he didn't say anything about a conditional branch from what i read through...

    as for continuing on, on the pokemon display event after you set the pkmn x pkmn y put a condition branch if pkmn Id is equal to 1, in that branch add the picture of the pokemions back view....

    "After all branches/forks turn them off using a switch."

    Well i don't see why you need this .....
    Plusd your guna need variables for the enn pokemon 2 ....

    thats all i can be bothered to help you with, for now....