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I am making a Pokemon game called Pokemon Blue Moon. It's NOT a remake of Pokemon Blue for gameboy, it's an original game. It will be for RM2K3. I wanted to do it on RMXP but I don't have scripts for the stuff I need.

STORY: You are a boy that lives in a little town. To get your first Pokemon you have to graduate from the Pokemon Academy. When the game starts you are in your house and just completed the final exam the day before. Your mom tells you that the pokemon professor wants to see you. You go see him and he takes you to the Pokemon Academy to see if you are to graduate or not. You soon learn that you do get to graduate. At the graduation ceremony all of the graduates are to pick a starting Pokemon for their quest to become a Pokemon Master. After you pick your starting Pokemon a gang of bad guys (like Team Rocket)called Blue Moon crashes the ceremony and steals the remaining starters and a legendary Pokemon that was up on a pedestal.There will also be a gang of good guys that you help called Red Sun.

The point of the game is to (like the other games) get gym badges, beat the Elite Four, collect all of the Pokemon in the game, and stop Blue Moon.

Pokemon Battle System
Pokemon Menu System
All Pokemon( I will try)
Munchlax from Diamond and Pearl( if someone will sprite it)
Up to 15 NEW Pokemon(if someone will sprite them)

Notes: Having said the last two things in features...
I want to know if someone would be willing to sprite Munchlax for me(front and back)
and if someone will sprite some new Pokemon for me(front and back) even just one will be highly appreciated.

Credit will be given!

I will have some screenies SOON!!! I am starting the game today so, I should have at least one screen by tomorrow