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    Do anything you want Lily... if the question didn't say "you can't do ______" then you can do it.

    Psywave is fixed damage, mind you... See that's always the problem with ghost and psychic types. They *can* do anything if it's willed to do anything, and you can't call it wrong regardless of how terrible the odds seem to be. (If we're treating Beedrills like the show, then there will always be at least 20+ Beedrills attacking at the same time.) Fainting Beedrills with Psywave isn't a very good solution (Psywave doesn't get its super effective bonus like other psychic attacks.)

    At the same time, you can also argue that Beedrill got agility to dodge a fair amount of stuff. Twin Needle may not necessarily be its weapon of choice, as there's always Hidden Power Bug. So, kind of see how the argument can always bend both ways if you have to be technical? It *does* work to say that Psychic can do anything, but remember that in fanfics, the most creative strategy always wins. Recall how everyone whined in the Pokemon anime about some of the gym battles. Charizard's first usage of Seismic Toss against Magmar is well loved, but everyone is so tired of Seismic Toss being capable of fainting anything later.

    Noctowl's "Confusion throughout the whole building to hit an invisible Gengar" is considered lame. It does work because it's psychic powers, but it's a weaker argument in comparison to what Morty is offering. Morty forced Ash to waste energy on Foresight so Gengar will hit Noctowl when it is concentrating. It's either that, or Noctowl is forced to dodge forever because it doesn't know where Gengar is hiding in the shadows. In comparison, the tougher yet more logical pressure provided by Morty is liked more than Ash's rather simple response to it.

    The last example is the previous question... using protect to block a lot of attacks work, but it's definitely loathed by experience Pokemon fanfic readers. Protect is totally abused by inexperienced writers (not all, but most of the time) to get a Pokemon out of a tough situation, in the laziest way possible. It works, but we readers are so tired of it... Most usage of "Mysterious Powers" and the likes make all readers cry real bad...
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