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    The question:

    Question #3: Pokemon Battle Creativity
    It is a double battle against a Pidgeot and a Donphan. The opponent unleash a combo of Donphan using Earthquake, while Pidgeot releases a powerful Air Cutter to hit any flying/levitating Pokemon. Following the listed requirements down below, use a creative way for your two Pokemon to negate/nullify/evade the Earthquake-Air Cutter combo.

    -Use any narrative to any desired length to answer the question.
    -You may alter the effect, appearance or shape of any Pokemon attack, but it must be sensible and within reasons.
    -A Pokemon may use any attack it can learn through natural level up, any TM, any HM, any move tutor in any 3rd generation game version and/or any breeding moves.
    -"Tanking" the attacks is *not* a way of negative, evading or nullify the attack. Sending a Skarmory to "tank" the attacks does not answer the question.
    -The opponent's Pokemon have already unleashed the attacks. Knocking Donphan and Pidgeout out asap will *not* solve the problem. However, if your method of blocking the attack will also knock out Donphan and Pidgeot, you may do so.
    -Assume that both of your Pokemon has 24% of their max hp, or less. Abuse this knowledge to the best of your ability, which you probably need to do so.
    -The arena is an outdoor, rocky battlefield.
    -There is no natural breeze during the day of battle. No Pokemon attacks have altered the cloudy weather.
    -You may use any Pokemon of your choice that isn't a legendary, but only one of your Pokemon can be a flying type or has the Levitate ability.
    -You may attach any items on to your Pokemon.
    -You cannot switch out any Pokemon, or use any items.

    Background Information for those who aren't very familiar with Pokemon attacks.
    -Both Earthquake and Air Cutter are multi-target attacks. "Follow Me" doesn't work.
    -Both attacks cannot be negated by Taunt.
    -There are items that activate its special effect when a Pokemon's hp drop below 25%... finding out about them will definitely help you.
    -Both attacks can be negated by Detect and/or Protect, but how interesting of a battle can it be if one sides just abuse protect/detect over and over again?

    Answer is judged depending on creativity. Answers that rely heavily on luck factor (ex: Air Cutter "misses" the Pokemon as its accuracy is only 85%) will score less than others.

    Start your answer with Pidgeot and Donphan unleashing their combo, and immediately end your response when your Pokemon have successfully negated/evaded/nullified the combination attack.

    The answer (in story format, if that's okay. If you need the answer in a different way, tell me.):
    My pokemon are Flygon and Medichan.

    "Pidgeot, Air Cutter! Donphan, Earthquake!" said the opposing trainer, in a desperate pursuit for the victory of the battle.
    "Flygon, use your Levitate ability! Medichan, Protect!" yelled Sean, in a rush trying to keep his Pokemon conscious in the fray.

    I know that this was a bit of a fakeout, but I'm not very good with questions like this...

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