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    Uhm, I'm sorry, but if you have a poem, I'd appreciate it if you posted it in your own thread and not in mine.
    K please thanks.

    Mkay, well this is sucking XD
    Anywyas, here goes the crappy excuse for a poem xD

    beware and be forewarned!

    Vampire's bite: ---****----or something---****---

    In my world, there is no sunshine,
    the skies are black throughout the day,
    a jet black night eternal, forever.

    The cities are ruined,
    both by poverty and decay,
    everything is in ruins,
    a mockery of what once was,
    a chaotic world of suffering and pain.

    The people are few,
    empty and distraught,
    everything is to be feared since the world was stolen,
    shadowed forever and controlled by death,
    sleep is a thing of the past,
    as it is now all too fatal,
    Agony and Anguish controlling for eternity.

    Now the rain falls, washing away all my fears,
    all my fears but one, and only one,
    death is my fear,
    not the demons or destruction,
    death is my fear, controlling me through my years..

    As each drop falls, and calms the world around,
    I come to realize my fears are pointless,
    they should be forgotten..

    I will walk towards the demons,
    into the shadows and into the night,
    knowing all too well of this pointless plight
    My death shall come on swift wings,
    and the jet black night shall vanish..

    I now sit alone, awaiting my end,
    my demon is near, my fight nearly lost,
    I hear the flapping of the wings,
    slicing through the darkness,
    met only by the sound of my beating heart...
    slowly beating it's final beats...

    Within seconds, the beating stops,
    the flapping of the wings comes to a halt,
    and a gentle pain, a welcome feeling of bliss..

    My lifeblood flows freely, and I fall quickly,
    my demons are gone,
    my ruined world destroyed,
    I can finally say good bye to this jet black night,
    as my eyes now witness my crimson skies,
    created from my fears, my demons,
    my heart beats slower still...
    Crimson skies replacing the jet black,
    eternal slumber...I'm here at last.
    My Poetry Thread...Should you get bored XD

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