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Yes, I'm working on that other one, but here is my entry for the current one...

"Don't worry too much about it," said the moderator, sighing in relief. "Certainly, I'm sure there will be visitors here again. Pokmon won't just die off, because it'll create great memories for everyone. Those who remember Pokmon from the past will eventually find this last Pokmon forum, and they will make this place grow again from nothing! You're my friend and at least I'm always here to support you!"

EDIT: The other one. Just a quickie, but you're not judging by the writing style, are you?

“Donphan, Earthquake!” the other trainer shouted, pointing towards my Pokmon. “And Pidgeot, use an Air Cutter!”

“Rapidash, use Bounce,” I countered quickly, knowing that the Salac Berries both of my Pokmon had eaten moments before would allow them to react quickly. “Skarmory, use a Swift to counter the Air Cutter!”

The Donphan smashed its legs into the ground, but Rapidash leapt high into the air, higher than either of the attacks the other Pokmon had sent would reach her. At the same time, the Pidgeot started flapping its wings fast, sending sharp gusts of small tornados towards my Pokmon. Skarmory let out a metallic cry and shot a flurry of glowing white stars from his mouth that sought out the whirlwinds as if drawn there by a magnet and destroyed them.
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Still not going to sprite for your fangame. Sorry, but I don't really sprite or give out permission for people to use my fake Pokémon anymore.
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