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    Originally Posted by Frostweaver
    Both Dragonfree and Yamato-san's answers are creative in their own right, while both got the exact same possible flaw. Both answers sought to find a way to have one Pokemon completely dodge both attacks, while the other use an attack to negate Air Cutter. Gust's secondary ability to lift Sudowoodo, while causing minimum friendly fire damage towards it (as it's a rock type), is fairly creative. Bounce on the other hand is never heard of in anywhere, even in the game. Yet at the same time, both tactics require the success of either Gust or Swift to negate the Air Cutter attack. (Not really a problem, because I can't think of a flawless solution myself.)
    Wait a minute, shouldn't I be getting more points than Dragonfree? Aside from the fact that you complemented my use of Gust, I did go into more detail about why I used the Pokemon and moves that I did, even explaining how only those specific Pokemon would work in the scenario (Sudowoodo's a light rock-type, and Flygon's not weak to Air Cutter and has a high attack strength to pull off Gust), and even made use of the rock field (even if briefly) by suggesting one possible way that Rock Slide can be portrayed. Dragonfree, on the other hand, doesn't point out what it is Swift has that most other attacks don't have, make reference to the rock field, explain why she'd use Rapidash instead of Grumpig to Bounce, or why she's using Skarmory as opposed to any other flying/levitating Pokemon capable of using Swift.
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