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  1. How can i make the emerald title screen look like this?

  2. How to change the starters on fire red?
  3. Where is the prof oak sprite in unlz?
  4. How do I add new events with elite map?
  5. What unlz number is the backsprites for emerald hero/ heroine?
  6. I wanna make it in a hack where a pokemon starter can follow you through the journey. How would one do this?
  7. Can I create a script where the boy and girl receive a mew level 2 at pallet town?
  8. Where is the battle style trainer for fr/lg in unlz, boy and girl.
  9. what is the whole list of over world pokemon sprites. And if there's a flag what is it.

It would be better if people structure their questions like this, simply because they are nicer to look at and get to the point.

Oh cool, a code button!