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Zara, George and Kylar stared at the Pokballs on Birch's table.

"These are your choices for starter Pokmon," Birch said. He pushed a button and Two Pokballs appeared. They opened up and two Pokmon, Torchic and a Mudkip appeared.

"Aww, I wanted a Treecko!!!" Zara whined, but then quickly composed herself in Birch's presence.

"There's only two Pokmon," George noticed.

"Oh, yeah, Janet must have taken the Treecko! Darn," Zara exclaimed.

"Don't worry about it," Kylar said. "You guys can have them. I'm only here to watch after you."

"Thanks Ky, you're the best!" Zara cried, giving Kylar a big hug.

George gave them a "get a room" look. " I think I'll pick...Torchic!"

"Torchic was my second choice," Zara mumbled angrily. "Well, what choice do I have? Mudkip..." Zara picked up Mudkip's Pokball and returned it.

"Wow, I can't believe we actually got Pokmon!!!" George said.

Birch picked up two red objects. He handed Zara and George the electronics. "These are your Pokdex. They are like a handheld PokEncyclepedia."

"Wow..." George said, rather amazed.

"Thank you Professor," Zara said.

"You're welcome."

They left the lab. They were leaving Littleroot town, where they lived. No more parents to tell them what to do. No more bedtimes. No more.

"I'm free!" George shouted. He started making noises like he had a syndrome.

"I'm still here," Kylar reminded.

"So, you're not the boss of me."

"Says, who?"

"Says me."

"O, yeah?" Kylar got in George's face.

"Yeah, you overgrown mutant sled dog!" George pushed Kylar and knocked him [along with Zara's bags] down a hill. Kylar screamed on the way down.

"Oh, gosh, my bags!" Zara chased after Kylar.

"I might as well." George jumped down the hill. He knocked Zara down on the way, and all the of them hit something really hard.

When they regained conscienceness, they saw an angry Janet hunched over them.

"If it isn't my cousin and her little friends," Janet said bitterly.

"uh..hi Janet," Zara said. They stood up.

"I'm gonna get you for disturbing my picnic!!!" Janet yelled. She tried to swing at Zara but she punched George insted, and they started running. Janet chased after them. George tried throwing donuts at her. One of them knocked her out, and they ditched her. But not for long....

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