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Originally Posted by pikadon92
Anyone knows:
where are the offests of the wild pokemon
how to edit music
the arrangement of the kanto dex?
(ALL are in Fire Red only.)
Wild Pokon: You should take a look in Advance-Map's INI files.
The offsets should be there.

Music: Hex-Editor. Or the new Sappy 2005 (or 6). See the official EliteMap website from the Hacking Tools Reference. (You can get it there.)

DEX arrangement: Hex-Editor. Search for the Pokon-value bytes, as they appear in the DEX. Then just edit them to the arrangemeant you want them to have.

Originally Posted by w_rink_ly
When you use a set a flag in script editor, how do you know you aren't using the flag number of another event and are messing up that event's flags etc?
You don't know. You will have to try and see what happens. Also you could have a look at the Map Event's Flag values and write them down, that way you could make a list for futher reference.

Originally Posted by manson_30
i ma trying to look for varidian forest in advanced map and i cant find it can any one tell me where it is under the menue of "only from heder" plz help me this is needed (it meen teh diffrence of beta beeing relised on time)
Bank 1, Map 0.

Originally Posted by Jozinho
Are there a program can create hacktools?

And are there a map editor besides advance map and Elite map?

You can create a hacking tool by using any programming language developing enviroment. (Like C++, Visual Basic, etc.)

At the moment, no.
Mewthree90000 is working on one, but it will take some time until it will be released.
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