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    Yay! Spriting is fun! lol
    I've been drawing Pokon pictures all day.
    A few minor edits, actually. lol
    I took Brock, Misty, Erika, and Sabrina from G/S and recolored them to look more R/S-like.
    (I was bored, so yeah.. lol)
    Anyway, as soon as I'm told what I need to draw, I'll get right on it.
    Hey, and in the little job chart, what're Map Events?
    Like just events on the map instead of common events?
    'Cause I could do those, too.
    (then again, anything to do with maps is something I do well in. lol)
    Oh, and are we using 2000 or 2003?
    There's a lot of things 2003 can do that 2000 just can't.
    (or rather, can't do very well, and it takes more effort. lol)
    Well, I've just been informed that it's 12:15, so I'm off to bed.
    Peace out!