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ANYONE?! Anyone can join? Even total n00bs who talk in 1337 speak? Dude, that's totally against the rules, and some people on PC can't even post 4 words of RPing. Anyone, is definetly, NOT a good idea.

Flames/Fights? Wow. That's one super n00b of a RP Master if they can't deal with the fact that nobody wants to join their RP. That's what the drawing board thread is for.

Conquered eh? Well you see, only a certain amount of people would be allowed to play, because if there was about everybody here, then it'd get too confusing and everyone would leave. I don't think that just because some people's skills are rustier than others, doesn't mean they get special treatment, because they can always go somewhere like neopets or Gaia where people RP with asterisks as action describers, and there they can polish their skills before they come back here, where the standards are slightly higher. *cough* much *cough*

All in All, I think that 'An Ultimate RP' is not the solution to the problems you've brought up.