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    Originally Posted by CloneTrooper47
    Hey I know that now that's why I said I had to think about it. No offense but I really would like you to not insult me further for my stupid idea as you brought up.
    The things I was thinking of were just sort of because there are people who get 0 posts on their Rp's and they won't even be locked. It's just the attempt to not make people feel left out because they might not be a good Role Player or what ever you call it. The point is if they have troubles instead of critisising someone HELP THEM. That way they have a chance at being good at it otherwise they might think they're worthless and never Rp again. Now personally I want to make people feel more welcome instead of being riddiculed. One other thing the way to start this a tip of bringing the feeling of being welcome is stop calling new people stupid noobs it is very offensive.
    Congratulations, you're the first one on this forum to trigger my minimodness!
    First off, (s)he wasn't insulting you, but instead was merely explaining why your idea wouldn't work.
    Second, with that wording, you admitted it was a stupid idea.
    Third, you bring up "0 posts in their RPs", when he had already answered that point(drawing board or something like that).
    Coming back to a forum after like three years of inactivity is rather surreal.