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Hmm...a non-dystopian future RP? *Blinks* Yeah, that's a pretty novel concept, actually. They all tend to be either twisted empires of evil or horrible post-apocalyptic wastelands, usually both. xD Yes, that would be a genre that would interest me for one, although I usually work in the pokmon field as most people who have even the slightest clue about who I am should know, so maybe it could be a non-twisted futuristic pokmon RP? Heh, I'd be interested in building on that concept, certainly, and I fancy myself pretty good at condemning short posts and sloppy sign-ups so I could help with that. Heck, there could be one person dealing with the sign-up discernment and another to deal with the plot if necessary, or would that be over-complicating matters?

At any rate, I'm willing to help make this happen, although my time is a tad restricted because of real-life interference (I.e. School in general and Physics in particular ). Is there anyone else willing to step up and support the basic idea (Details to be discussed)?
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