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    Ehh...let's about this? Team Rocket has more or less disbanded, right? First the main organization was split up when Giovanni retreated in the R/B/Y plot arch and then even the newly assembled Rockets got thumped in G/S/C. As for Magma and Aqua...well, Maxie and Archie were pretty shook up after the Groudon/Kyogre incident, ne? Maybe they turned over a new leaf? ^-^ Let's see, that leaves...Cipher. Dang, I could use some help from someone who's actually played those games. xD Well, we could always say that they went overboard with their experiments and their leadership got decimated by a rampaging horde of shadow pokon. Also, the teams could have detoriated into a kind of cult-thing, you know, the kind of stuff that insecure teenagers searching for their identity would join up for just for kicks and then leave when tehy feel like it? Ahh...I could picture an old admin of one of those teams ranting about that. xD As for the new treath...I agree, the 'new criminal organization' is a complete clich and the existing teams combining even moreso. I do have an idea for a slowly impending apocalyptic doom (The beauty of it is that most people wouldn't realize at all) although I can't explain it here at least because that would spoil the whole plot. Suffice to say that it's connected to Unowns...the lovable little buggers. ^-^ Ahh...that's a point from one of my older plot ideas, actually.

    Anyhow, basic concept; the world is allright, utopic. Sure, there are the usual little crimes and things but basically we have world peace and a general happy, go-lucky atmosphere. But alas, everything isn't how it seems, there's a slow but certain process in the works which could change the world as we know it (Incidentally, that actually happened several millennia ago, wiping out most of the plant and animal life from the face of the planet, although scientists have been unable to discover why). However, our main characters would, each for their own reasons, end up discovering this danger. There is a problem however; who would believe a bunch of teenagers saying that sort of thing? That's right, no-one in their right mind, so it would be all up to the main characters to discover the exact nature of the treath and how to avert it. And...well, several official people might not look too kindly on that, believeing that they're only trying to cause havoc and chaos.

    Well, that's my idea thus far, any comments? ^-^
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