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    Thanks. ^-^ I've always been a fan of Unowns ever since I saw that movie and I've been waiting for a chance to give them their deserved spotlight. Yeah, the oldest generation could have this in-denial thing, and so would the current leadership as well. (It ain't popular to be a doomsayer, you know), although I have to admit, I'm not particularly fond of adding legendaries to the mix unless it's absolutely necessary, because...well, their kind of a major movie clich I'm opposed to the thought that legendaries are needed to accomplish all significant things in the world. Power to the worms! XO

    Ahem, at any rate. My comp time for the day is running low (I'm actually on an overtime as it is, but my parents are busy ranting about politics with each other since we had our presidential election today so they don't notice. xD) so I'll have to log off after this. Anyways, there could also be a slight extremist movement heralding the end of days (Okay, they've been doing it for like 20 years now, so no-one takes them seriously either) and it's a bit of an embarssment for the government, so the characters could be branded as working with that organization and presto...the hunt begins. >D

    Hmm...I'll be back, hopefully with some more ideas, tommorow. I've got a double skip-hour at school on mondays so I'll have time to think.
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